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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Research into Farming in the Lim Valley

This project began in 2006. As a veterinary surgeon, Graham Davies, with help from Ken Gollop, was asked to research the farming scene in Lyme Regis and Uplyme before information was forgotten and documents lost. After more than two years research, when over 60 farms, past & present, were identified, two exhibitions were held in Uplyme and Lyme Regis in 2008. Then a much larger exhibition followed in Axminster in 2009, covering sixteen parishes.

The research programme for the Lim Valley will continue. There is a lot of material that needs analysing and interpreting.

Two exhibitions have been produced using the information discovered to date. See Farming in the Lim Valley and Lyme's Disappearing Farmland on the Museum's web-site.

[Many thanks to Rikey Austin of Alice's Bear Shop, who originally produced these sketches for the recent Industrial Lyme exhibition.]

For more information (or if you would like to get involved yourself) please see Research at Lyme Regis on the main website.

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