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Monday, 4 July 2011

Curator’s Newsletter July 2011

From Mary Godwin, Director of Lyme Regis Museum:

We are a ‘Quality Business’!
In the last month we have been awarded ‘Jurassic Coast Quality Business’ status. This has involved us going on various courses and having a review of our operations and management. The lady who came out to review us arrived with the preconception that because we were a museum we weren’t really a business. She was quite surprised when I said that we were indeed very much a business; as an independent museum we rely largely on our own ability to generate income in order to survive and move forward – last year we generated 75% of our own income! By the time she left she was in no doubt that we were indeed very much a business! This award will get us valuable publicity on the Jurassic Coast website and demonstrates that we are a well-run organisation with a strong focus on customer service (as well as a great museum of course!!).

Resources for Schools
Our Learning and Outreach Officer Chris Andrew has been beavering away preparing a range of new school workshops. Information about all these is now on the museum website. There is also a new ‘discovery’ section with loads of useful info. and we are already getting noticeably more school visits. Chris is also working with Alison Bowskill from Woodroffe School on outreach visits to old people’s homes, which are proving very popular! Last week Chris worked with people from age 6 to 96 and most ages in between!

Museum Website Goes International!
Our website now has an instant translation facility! Go to the home page and simply select your language from the drop down menu at top left! With increasing interest from overseas visitors, we hope this will encourage more visits in person as well as online. Thanks to Lorraine Chamen for finding out about the software and thanks to Keith Shaw for setting it up which involved quite a bit of work.

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