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Friday, 12 August 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Dapedium - a fossil fish

News Release 11 August 2011

Sarah Stephens, a researcher in palaeontology at Bristol University, spent two days at Lyme Regis Museum this week studying our specimen of a very large fossil fish Dapedium (pictured left, with Sarah). Sarah, who is doing a revision of the classification of this well known species of Lyme, said 'This Dapedium is an absolutely gorgeous fossil. Not only is he huge, but his skull is so wonderfully preserved you can identify nearly all of his bones; details like the ossification between the bones in his lower jaw helps distinguish between species and aren't always clear in less beautiful specimens.'

Paddy Howe, the museum's geologist, and Chris Andrew, responsible for learning and outreach, were available to pass on their specialist knowledge of this Dapedium which was found at Black Ven.

Sarah, who will be publishing her findings in a scientific journal, said ‘It is wonderful to get the opportunity to come and look at a beautiful specimen like this and spend time with Paddy and Chris, picking up tips from the experts’.

Be dazzled by the Dapedium – go along to the museum any day between 10am and 5pm and see it in the geology gallery. The next Family Fossil Day, with Paddy Howe and Chris Andrew on hand to talk about fossils, is Thursday August 25 -- free admission all day.


Keith said...

It is woth noting that Mary Anning is believed to have found the first ever fossil Dapedium.

If you would like to see other pictures of this and another dapedium found locally then visit the "Fossil finds on the beach" page of the Museum's web-site.

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