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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lyme traditions - Wassailing and the Mummer's play

On Saturday 14th January two Lyme traditions were played out before an enthusiastic crowd.

Wassailing and Mummer's plays are ancient traditions which until recently were lost to Lyme. Over the last few years, the Museum has organised wassailing to try and revive the tradition, successfully so it seems. This year, Harry Ford, one of the Museum's volunteers has created a modern Mummer's play and, after the wassailing, it was enacted around the streets of Lyme.

The picture to the right shows Sir George, the hero of the play on his gallant steed. The wonderful masks worn by Sir George and the local cast were made by local artists. The Uplyme Morris-men, having performed before and been a part of the wassailing then became part of the play.

Let's hope that both these traditions will continue in modern Lyme.

To see more pictures of the events click here.

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