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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Our geologist makes a TV appearance

As seen above, Paddy Howe, Lyme Regis Museum's geologist, made an appearance on the Children's BBC show Jedward's Big Adventure this afternoon. Jedward, a young duo from Dublin, shot to fame a couple of years ago as contestants on The X Factor (sadly they failed to win, due to being memorable and having a personality). In their new TV series, they travel around the country trying to learn enough facts about a place to pass themselves off as tour guides. In today's episode it was the turn of the Jurassic Coast, and Lyme Regis featured very strongly.

The show was filmed last October. Paddy says 'They were lovely lads and asked some really intelligent questions about the fossils. I think they enjoyed it'. If you missed the show, there are still a few days to catch it on BBC iPlayer.

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Keith said...

Natalie Manifold who runs the Museum's Mary Anning walks was also on the programme.