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Friday, 20 April 2012

Lyme Regis ArtsFest

The Tenth Lyme Regis ArtsFest will take place in September this year, but planning ahead for 2013 is already underway with a new and exciting initiative for all artists, writers, performers, craftspeople, photographers and musicians called “Re:collection”

Conceived by ArtsFest Creative Directors Karol Kulik and Christine Allison, Re:collection is a year-long project about inspiration, ideas and creation. Inspiration from where? Answer... Lyme Regis Museum!

As Christine puts it, “That wonderful gem of a place nestled in the heart of our town holds an array of artefacts in all shapes and forms. These collectively record our Lyme Regis history, geology, folklore, domestic life, sea life, famous and infamous residents and more. Each exhibit has its own story to tell. If one exhibit could ignite a creative spark in an artist, what would be the outcome? A painting, a sketchbook, a book of poems, a drama, a dance, a piece of music, a film, a series of photographs, an animation, an embroidery, a sculpture, a happening, a book, a workshop – the list is only limited by your imagination.”

“Go to the museum and look with new eyes,” she continues. “Find something that makes you curious, use it as springboard for ideas and get the creative juices flowing. The smallest of things could inspire a huge abstract painting, a theatre production or a sculpture, let your imagination loose.”

The project has already spawned some interesting proposals, and ArtsFest will be seeking funding for the more ambitious projects that require substantial budgets. Re:collection will be formally launched at ArtsFest 2012 in September, and all artists' work will need to be completed by September 2013, culminating in a group show at The Malthouse and other suitable venues in the town. Artists of all disciplines (individuals or groups) are urged to visit the museum now and email their ideas and plans to the ArtsFest organizers.

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