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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Family Fossil Day

News release from Carole Halden, Marketing Manager of Lyme Regis Museum:

Ammonite polishing was the big attraction at Lyme Regis Museum’s Family Fossil Day on Thursday 26 July. Around 250 children and adults found their way to the sea-side terrace of the museum to join in the polishing activity. For ammonite polishing, the fossils are first sliced in half; the beautiful coiled inside chambers are then visible and it is this surface that is polished by sanding in a circular motion on coarse, then fine, wetted sandpaper and finally a sanding wheel until it is smooth and shining.

Family Fossil Days with ammonite polishing will take place again on Thursday August 9 and Saturday August 25. Museum geologist Paddy Howe with fossil experts Chris Andrew and Brandon Lennon will lead the fun, answer questions and impart their outstanding fossil knowledge as they work; and there will be free admission to the museum.

The picture shows Iris Goldbach and Alina Schuff, all the way from Hamburg in Germany, enjoying last week's event.

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