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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jane Austen possessions donated to Lyme Regis Museum

Wednesday 14th December,  saw a special Jane Austen evening at the Museum. Volunteer, Diana Shervington has the distinction that both of her grandmothers were grand-daughters of Jane Austens's brother, Edward Knight. Many of the Austen family's possessions have been handed down through the generations to Diana and the event was a celebration of Diana donating several interesting pieces to the Museum where they will be on permanent display.

To read more about and see pictures of the donated items click here.


Anonymous said...

It should have been donated to chawton house or jane austen house museum in chawton which is more appropriate.

Jenny Jones said...

To Anonymous...Typical to post a comment like that without leaving your name.

While I can see your possible point, the public is fortunate that the family saw fit to share these items at all. I look forward to seeing them on my next visit to Lyme Regis.

Maria Spray said...

I had the great good fortune to see Ms. Shervington give one of her talks on Jane Austen a couple of summers ago in Lyme-Regis. It is very generous of her to donate these items to your museum. And the museum there is the best place for them.

Tim said...

This is cool!