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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ebb & Flow - A Maritime History of Lyme Regis

Visitors came from as far afield as Canada for the launch of Peter Lacey’s Ebb & Flow: The Story of Maritime Lyme Regis at the museum on Friday May 20th.
Local historian and Museum trustee, Ken Gollop welcomed the publication as the third comprehensive history of Lyme, following on from those of George Roberts' "The History of Lyme Regis" (1823/34) and Cyril Wanklyn's "Lyme Regis - A retrospect" (1922/27). Ken believed that just as these two famous books are today simply referred to as "Roberts" and "Wanklyn" then Peter's book will eventually simply be referred to as "Lacey".

Peter Lacey thanked the Museum, its current curator, Mary Godwin, and its previous curatorial assistant, Jo Draper and particularly Ken Gollop for all the help he had received over seven years in his research and writing. He generously pledged the royalties from the first 100 copies sold to the Museum's funds.
Pictured (right) is Peter von Kaufmann, from Toronto, receiving a signed copy from his uncle. Also seen below is the author and his wife, Barbara, displaying the bouquet presented to her in appreciation of her help. The book tells how the sea has shaped the town’s character, and charts its fortunes from flourishing port to much-loved seaside resort over the past twelve centuries.

[Based on a Museum Press Release]

Footnote - The plate on the back cover of the book shows "The Lyme Regis" by Joel Hallett. This is the ship built by the Mansfield Brothers and referred to in our post on Michael Mansfield QC on 19th May 2011.

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sonyavk said...

Congratulations on the release of your first book Uncle Pete!!!!
I can hardly wait to read it.
All the best to you and Auntie Barbara.