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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Journal of a Regency Gentleman

Thomas Andros

Graham Davies and his Research Team are quite excited about this project. Through the generosity of Geoff Andrews, they have received a copy of his ancestor’s journal. Thomas Andros, attorney-at-law, left Guernsey and came to live, with his family, in Church Street, Lyme Regis in 1798. He kept a daily journal until his death in 1831. This gives a remarkable insight of the life of a 19th century gentleman in Lyme Regis and how he interacted with his neighbours and the town, with references to the national events that were happening in those uncertain times.

[Many thanks to Rikey Austin of Alice's Bear Shop, who originally produced these sketches for the recent Industrial Lyme exhibition.]

For more information (or if you would like to get involved yourself) please see Research at Lyme Regis on the main website.

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