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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lerret Launch video and the final event of Maritime Lyme

Those of you who have been following the evnts of the year of Maritime Lyme will remember that, back in May, Gail McGarva's lerret was launched for the first time down a steep pebbled beach. We have now obtained a video of the launch. You can see the video and read more about that event here.

The final event of Maritime Lyme will enable you to learn more about the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy where Gail built the lerret. On Tuesday 13th December, Yvonne Green, the Principal, will give a talk about "Life at the Boat Building Academy". The talk will be at Woodmead Hall at 2.30pm.

NB this is a different talk to "All boats have their story" which Gail has given several times through the year and is staged by The Lyme Regis Society in partnership with Lyme Regis Museum.

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