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Friday, 11 November 2011

Painting of Lyme Regis featured on TV

A few months ago on this blog, a post about the 19th century artist J. M. W. Turner mentioned that a small oil painting entitled "Shrimpers at Lyme Regis" on display at Nunnington Hall (a National Trust property in North Yorkshire) had recently been attributed to Turner. This painting was featured in today's episode of Bargain Hunt on BBC television, which included a short segment filmed in Nunnington Hall.

In the clip (from which the still on the left is taken) presenter Tim Wonnacott describes how the painting, attributed on the reverse to "J. M. Turner 1832", was found by National Trust staff gathering dust in the attic, and was then subjected to no less than five years of research. Even after that, he says there is still some doubt about the authenticity of the work because "the material that the painting is painted on is not a type of artist's board that Turner used at this period of his life".

If you missed the show, there is still a chance to catch it on BBC iPlayer for the next few days. The Nunnington Hall segment starts at 23 minutes 23 seconds.

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