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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Bloody Assizes

Three hundred and twenty-six years ago today, on September 11th 1685, the Bloody Assizes opened at Lyme Regis. The infamous Judge Jeffreys presided over the trial of hundreds of men accused of assisting the Duke of Monmouth in his rebellion against King James II. The following day twelve men were executed on the beach west of the Cobb and their body parts were spiked on the railings around Lyme Regis church.

For more information, see On this day 11th September 1685, The Bloody Assizes were opened at Lyme Regis over at the Dark Dorset blog -- many thanks to them for pointing out this fascinating anniversary!

The main museum website has a short article about Lyme's role in the English Civil War and the Monmouth Rebellion, from which the following minuscule picture of the twelve "martyrs" is taken (apologies for the poor resolution!).

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