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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Marine reptile research discussed in Lyme Regis

Over on Scientific American's Tetrapoid Zoology blog, Darren Naish has just posted the second installment of his report on the SVPCA symposium held in Lyme Regis last week: Dinosaurs at SVPCA – no Mesozoic non-avialan theropods, thank you very much – and what about those marine reptiles? From a Dorset point of view, this is perhaps even more interesting than the first installment a couple of days ago.

One of the images from the article (left) shows Dr Naish inside Lyme Regis Museum, posing with the ichthyosaur skull found by Mary Anning. He describes three "vaguely linked" talks about recent ichthyosaur research, as well as several on the subject of plesiosaurs. Also mentioned is Scelidosaurus: the Dorset Dinosaur.

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