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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tetrapod Zoology in Lyme Regis

The latest article on Scientific American's Tetrapod Zoology blog is called Vertebrate palaeontology at Lyme Regis: of ‘All Yesterdays’, the ‘Leathery Winged Revolution’, and Planet Dinosaur -- which is a bit of a mouthful, but well worth a look. Despite its eponymously American host, "Tet Zoo" is written by Darren Naish, who lives just along the coast in Portsmouth. Darren visited Lyme for the 59th Symposium on Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, and his article ranges over several of the subjects covered by the symposium... with the promise of more to come!


Jim Stuks said...

Always dreamt of finding one of these beasts.
Unfortunately it's always just a few belemnites and the odd ammonite when I'm down in Lyme Regis

Andrew said...

Have you ever been on one of the fossil walks organised by Lyme Regis museum? These are led by professional fossil-hunters who know exactly what to look for, and while it's very rare to find a complete ichthyosaur, they almost always find a few ichthyosaur vertebrae.